Thanks for Applying

We are excited for the opportunity to consider your application to be part of our robot squads!  
?? Whats Next ??

  • We will be sending an email to your parent as indicated in your application requesting their consent and gathering relevant information for your application.
  • We will also send an email to the teacher you specified requesting their input and sponsorship of your application.
  • In a couple of weeks we will be contacting you to request an initial meeting to discuss your participation.
  • In the week following our meeting we will notify you of acceptance onto a team.
  • Please understand that while we want to accept everyone, we can only support so many teams with our funding and staffing. 
Thank you again for your interest in the Robotics Club.  We are VERY excited for the opportunity to consider adding you to our ROBOT BUILDING SQUADS!!!

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will get right back to you with any needed information.

Brian Hildebrandt
Oxford Robotics Chairman