Since 2002 Oxford Robotics operates as a non-profit run entirely by community volunteers.  We need YOU to make the excitement happen!  There are many ways in which you can help.  In the 2017-18 Season we have hosted a Regional Qualifier.  November 11th, we hosted the Oxford Open at the Oxford Area High School.  On January 16th, 2018, we hosted an Exposition for the JrFLL students.  There are many jobs to fill to make these events a success and we will train you for the position you fill.  Positions for the competitions include ...

Emcee / Game Announcer - This person is the face of the event during the competition matches and should be well spoken and enthusiastic.  Someone who enjoys public speaking and encouraging excitement of the game is ideal for this position.

DJ - Plays music throughout the tournament.  Monitors the energy of the crowd, raising crowd enthusiasm with musical selections.  Works with the Emcee and Technical Director to coordinate music, score announcements.  Plays national anthem for each participating country during opening ceremonies.

Field Reset - This person will reset the competition field after each match while the referee finalizes match scoring and prepares for the next match and assists teams in setting up for the next match.

Score System Administration - This person will register the results of the matches in the scoring system throughout match play.

Registration - Assist with registration of volunteers as well as teams and ensure that everyone gets to where they need to be for the event.

Queuer - This person will work with the teams to ensure that they get to the judging and competition areas on the provided scheduled times.

Concessions - Assist with management of concessions, including the distribution of food, working the cash register, and obtaining more food in the event we run out.

Judging - Judges interact with the students engaging in understanding what they accomplished and how they accomplished it.  Judging is performed using a well defined and simplistic Rubric approach.

Referee - Our Referees oversee the robot competition, ensuring that the game rules are followed. Most importantly, they provide scoring for the matches based on the results.

 FTC Field Control Operator - Operates the Field Control System at each playing field.  Establishes WiFi connections for team robots in queue and in match play.

FTC Field Technical Advisor - Should be experienced with the TETRIX robotics design system and the Field Control System and computers running Windows XP, and Windows 7.  Should be comfortable working with WiFi connections and setup and trouble shooting.

FTC Hardware Inspector - Inspects teams robots for compliance with regulations on game play.

FTC Software Inspector - Inspects teams control systems (NXT) for compliance with requirements and regulations on game play.

Volunteer Now... We need YOU!
We will feed you and give you a cool shirt!

AH YES... The smell of burning DC motors and freshly printed vinyl game mats lingers in the air!  

While our seasons are over as a result of a heartbreaking loss at the FTC Pennsylvania State Championship, Oxford Robotics continues! For the remainder of the school year, our teams have a variety of events planned.

Special events planned include the design of a number of test robots for use at outreach events, including two to play a new tic-tac-toe like game we have created for practice. We also plan to go to a number of First Fridays in the near future to recruit more members, so we can get a running start for next year! The entire organization is excited to see what the future holds, and we hope all of the people currently involved will continue to support us.

If interested in volunteering,simply follow the link below and click "Create FIRST Account" button and follow the navigation. Our events are under Oxford Area High School.  If you are not sure what role you would prefer simply select "Where ever you need me" and we will reach out to discuss and work you into a role you are comfortable with.

Do not hesitate to contact  (Brian Hildebrandt) with any question or if you would like to talk about the event and what we do behind the scenes to make it happen.

Would you like to get involved with the management of Oxford Robotics?  We would love to have your support to fund and manage the program.

Volunteer to be part of Oxford Robotics now ... Click above to contact me and we will connect and discuss.  Our team is always looking for new members.